All About Bob

Bob is a native of Indianapolis and lives on the south side. He is married to Sheron and has a daughter named Brittany. Bob is a fantastic guitar player, a songwriter, a great singer and an attorney. Hey, three out of four is not bad.

Even more important, Bob loves the Lord and uses his musical gifts to share that love with others. He does that by leading worship, writing songs that God puts on his heart, being a great dad and husband and by making God a part of his business.

Bob’s current CD is made up of songs he has written over the past few years and finally had time to record. Click on Listen to Music and check them out. If you like them, let others know so they can listen, too. Enjoy!

By the way, Bob’s wife Sheron did the watercolor art used on the CD. It’s great and you can see her work at this link.

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